Ex Coaching/Demo 2020 Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride Turquoise Large TLR XO1 AXS with S35 carbon wheels and Oneup Components cockpit

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2019 Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride Turquoise Large TLR XO1 AXS Ex Coaching Bike-Fully build Bike-Yeti-LARGE (178 cm - 191 cm)-TURQ-TLR XO1-Boutiquemtb

This is the head coach of our sister company "Stockholm Bike Skills" bike during 2020. The bike was lightly used during coaching sessions and for some private trail riding (676.8 Km recorded)

It has been maintained to the highest possible level and serviced in October before being put to rest at the end of the coaching season (wk44)

The bike comes with some upgrade such as OneUp Components  Carbon handlebar and stem, Oneup Component bash guard and chain guide, Ibis S35 carbon wheels with Cushcore Pro tire insert, almost new Maxxis Assegai front and back and was covered with Yeti frame protection kit made for them by Invisiframe during the build.

The bike can be seen by appointment in Vallentuna and you can call Frederic on 0706005455 if you have any questions or via email at coaches@stockholmbikeskills.com


2019 Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride




10 more millimetres of fork travel because It never hurts to go bigger on your gear when you’re going bigger out there. Lunch Ride kits get a 160mm Grip 2 damper fork so riders can dial in their suspension and get the most performance out of their suspension and most of the terrain. 

7 more millimeters of rear travel because 7mm might be small to others, but to mountain bikers, it’s the difference in “will you?” and “hell yes!” Pair this 7mm to the bigger front fork and the already capable SB130 starts to give its bigger sibling a run for the money.

0,5-degree slacker headtube for bigger terrain because the lengthen the fork and you slacken the head angle by half a degree. What you get is a bike that exudes confidence no matter what you choose to descend so you can push longer, faster, and further into the unknown.

8 components spec change as more than just added travel we wanted to enhance the whole package because with wider bars, bigger rear rotor, beefier tires, burlier wheels, and more powerful brakes. LR isn’t just a spec change. It’s a mindset shifter. Eight total spec differences make sure the Lunchride is ready for anything the trail throws at it. It’s up to any task. Are you?

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