Freehup body for Ibis logo wheels

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Freehup body for Ibis logo wheels-Bike Parts-Ibis-Shimano /Standard (NX and 11speed)-Boutiquemtb
These freehub bodies are for the Ibis branded hubs found on our recent line of wheels including the S35/S28 Logo and AL wheels, 733, 735 'Logo', 738/938 and the 742/942 'Logo' wheelsets. New 4 pawl design with leaf style springs for durability and ease of maintenance. *NEW* We now have Shimano Micro Spline drivers for 12 speed Shimano. This particular freehub requires the use of a new-design drive side end cap (included with freehub body) Choose between Shimano (11s compatible), Shimano Micro Spline (12s compatible) or SRAM XD. If you are installing a road cassette on a Hakkalugi MX or any bike with our Ibis wheels, please carefully order our road specific spaced freehub body. 11 speed cassettes for road bike drivetrains use a different spacing from mountain 10 & 11 speed cassettes. We have 4-pawl freehubs available for our Ibis branded hubs for this type of application. If you're looking for replacement hub for 928, 741, or 941, these are not compatible. Contact to order Super 6 drivers. Contact us directly for warranty issues.

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