Kind Shock Rage-I Dropper Post Ø31,6MM with Westy Remote incl. (OEM)
Kind Shock Rage-I Dropper Post Ø31,6MM with Westy Remote incl. (OEM)

Kind Shock Rage-I Dropper Post Ø31,6MM with Westy Remote incl. (OEM)

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A truly breakthrough product, Rage-i is dropper performance at a never-before-seen value. Being one of the most entry-priced offering, Rage-i leaves nothing to compromise. Rage-i features a two-bolt micro adjust head, stanchion tube that doubles as an open bath hydraulic cartridge body and an overall weight that gives competing droppers at three times the price something to worry about.


  • 2-bolt saddle clamp, forged, for optimized stability and millimeter-precise adjustment
Area of ​​use

MTB Beginner / Touring, Cross Country / Cross Country, All mountain / Enduro, All-round / Beginner, Tour / Cross Country, Marathon / XC, All Mountain / Trail, Enduro, Cyclocross, Gravel



+ Updated cylindrical upper clamp nuts do not spin
+ More vertical head clamp bolt angle
+ Dedicated cartridge architecture is reliable and smooth
+ Lightweight, rotating bottom actuator
+ Reduced actuation force
+ Longer travel options
+ Remote and cable included


+ Alloy stanchion
+ Weight optimized alloy mast
+ Air sprung hydraulic cartridge
+ Press fit bushing and dust wiper
+ Designed for internal frame routing
+ Short insertion length to travel ratio
+ Compatible with all KS Southpaw, KG and Westy remotes


 Westy is about as no-nonsense as it gets. Extrusion forged alloy construction and clean, ergonomic lever shape all the while being affordably priced is at home inside or outside of the tape.


+ Ergonomically designed for 1x setups
+ Full extruded and forged aluminum alloy construction
+ 22.2mm hinged handlebar clamp
+ Anti-corrosive nitride coated hardware
+ Integrated barrel adjuster
+ Understated graphics
+ Available in universal cable mounting direction (cable clamps at the lever) or traditional cable mounting direction (cable barrel end at lever)

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