5DEV Freeride Crankset Cam Zink Signature boutique-mtb
5DEV Freeride Crankset Cam Zink Signature boutique-mtb

5DEV DH/FR Cam Zink Crank ARMS

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Introducing the Cam Zink Signature Freeride Crank from 5DEV.

CNC'd in San Diego, California. Designed for Freeride and DH applications. Tested at Rampage by Cam Zink. 

Material: 7075

Chainring Mount: SRAM 8 Bolt

Weight: 680g’s with Boost Spindle at 165

Sizes: 150 / 155 / 165

Colors: Black / Raw

Applications: Downhill, Park and Freeride 

Durability: DH and Rampage Rated


 NOTE: CRANK ARMS ONLY, Spindle is sold separately 
See here for combo purchase

Features: 4 Axis CNC Machined Crank arms that interface with all sizes of our Aluminum Spindles. Designed to be ridden hard. Backed by a 5 Year Warranty. 

Designed, engineered, and machined in San Diego, California out of 7075 Aluminum. Ideal for use with your DH, Freeride, DJ or Park Bike. Our Gravity Cranks are manufactured with the avid rider in mind. Park, DH, Enduro and Freeride. 

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