5DEV Titanium Crankset boutique-mtb
5DEV Titanium Crankset boutique-mtb

5DEV Titanium Crank ARMS

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Introducing 5DEV Titanium Cranks.

CNC'd on a 5 Axis CNC machine from solid bar stock Titanium. Designed and manufactured in San Diego, California. 

Q FACTOR: 168mm (Boost Spindle) / 177mm (SB Spindle) / 183mm (DH Spindle)

Chainring: 8 Bolt SRAM Interface

Material: Ti-6Al-4V

Crank Bolts: AL7075

Hardware: Self-Extracting

Preloader: AL6061

Weight: 553g (Boost Spindle) / 564g (SB Spindle) / 583g (DH Spindle)

NOTE; Spindle are sold separately HERE or as a combo HERE

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