DVO Diamond Air Suspension Fork 29" Boost 160mm 44mm Offset black boutique-mtb

DVO Diamond Air Suspension Fork 29" Boost 160mm 44mm Offset black (oem)

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The new Diamond has a host of features to cater to the aggressive rider who demands more. DVO gave the fork a chassis overhaul from top to bottom with 10mm wider BOOST spacing. This enhances steering precision and control in moments of "ultimate shred". DVO has also increased tire clearance, allowing you to use a larger tire and still have room for mud.

Six clicks of low-speed compression gives quick access to firming up the fork for pedaling, opening up for downhill, and medium settings for everything in between. Over thirty clicks of High Speed ​​Compression provides precise control for support on big hits. Shim stack controlled recoil that is 100% dynamic, meaning recoil is controlled based on the rate at which oil flows through the system. The fork will react to what you throw at it and be ready for what comes next. DVO's industry-exclusive OTT functionality really sets DVO's product apart from all others. It allows you to fine-tune the feel of the first stroke without compromising the mid and end of the stroke. You really get the best of both worlds.

The combination of the stiff chassis properties with DVO's exclusive properties and damping design gives the forks a unique ride feel unlike anything else on the market.


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