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Forbidden Race Guide for Druid and Dreadnought

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Designed from the ground up to meet the demands of our professional enduro athletes, the Forbidden Race Guide encases the idler pulley, providing no avenue for chain derailment. It achieves this by attaching directly to the idler shaft, as well as the rear triangle using brand new mounting hardware (supplied), leaving no gaps or wiggle room for the chain to come off the idler pulley and scupper your race run.

PLEASE NOTE - The Race Guide is only compatible with solid lube idler bearings, supplied with our after-market NSB idlers. If you are looking to run the Race Guide and have the stock 6902 bearing in your idler, please select a Race Guide package that includes a solid lube bearing or a complete NSB idler.

NEW RACE GUIDE VS. E13 UPPER GUIDE? - While the new Race Guide delivers 100% peace of mind when it comes to chain security, it does so at a cost, removing the ease at which you have access to the chain, at the idler, for trailside repairs, cleaning and periodic maintenance. For these reasons, the new Race Guide will not be specced on new frames and bikes and will remain an after-market race-only product.

Technical Features:

  • Compatible with all Druid and Dreadnought frames 
  • Supplied with all mounting hardware
  • All alloy hardware components are manufactured in Canada
  • 3D printed components are made in the UK
  • For setup and torque specifications, see our Race Guide Tech Spec

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