FrameGuard by Rockstop
FrameGuard by Rockstop
FrameGuard by Rockstop eMTB and MTB heavy duty downtube protector boutique-mtb
FrameGuard by Rockstop eMTB and MTB heavy duty downtube protector boutique-mtb

FrameGuard by Rockstop (eMTB and MTB heavy duty downtube protector)

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What is Frameguard?

The only emtb specific frame guard resolving the issue coming from the factthat most modern eMTB have their battery removed from the downtube
Especially well suited for all Specialized emtb, as the Turbo Levo SL, Turbo Levo, Turbo Kenevo SL, Turbo Kenevo and all model with integrated downtube batteries. Also available for analogue carbon frames

Protect Your Bike, Absorb The Strike

Frameguard, a tough metal-reinforced polymer moulding, stops damage to the motor/battery casing and the lower end of the downtube.
The impact of rock strikes around the crank area of the frame are absorbed and
dispersed, instead of being able to crack, dent or shatter.

Designed to fit many market leading E-bike brands such as Specialized,
Cube, Mondraker, Santa Cruz etc.

How Does it Fit the Bike?
A metal reinforced plate not only adds extra impact protection, but also allows you to bend the Frameguard to fit the shape of the bike frame to give you a seamless fit. There are 4 self-adhesive fastening tabs which stick to the frame and are attached to the Frameguard via Velcro straps. The Velcro straps hook through the tabs and the Frameguard to hold it to the frame. To remove the Frameguard simply undo the straps.

• Impact protection for your motor casing/bottom bracket
• Reduce damage from heavy rock strikes
• Downtube protection from trail debris
• Designed to fit most market leading E-bike brands 
• Removable & washable
• Tailgate and bike rack protection
• Easy to fit

Technical Specification 

01 Arched Design
The overall curvature of Frameguard gives extra volume, to ensure a seamless fit between the guard and the frame - regardless of bike brand

02 Impact Absorbing Material
The high shock absorbing polymer is specially formulated to take on heavy rock strikes, and avoid shattering the factory fitted motor casing. Its flexible properties allow it to absorb the impact, without damaging the frame behind it.

03 Metal Plate
An aluminium plate moulded inside the Frameguard reinforces the tough, shock absorbing polymer material, and also bends the Frameguard to suite each bike frame.

04 Feathered Out Design

Tapers towards your bike frame to give it a seamless finish, and appear as part of the bike.

05 Drain Holes
To avoid the build-up of mud and debris under the Frameguard, these drain holes will allow water to flow through when washing the bike down post-ride.

06 Inner Channel
Allows water, mud, and debris to flow through.

07 Velcro Fastenings
Frameguard needs to be removable to allow the cleaning and maintenance of your bike. These strong Velcro straps offer an easy solution for removing the guard quickly, without removing the tabs.

08 Metal & Adhesive Tabs
Aluminium tabs are the ideal material to curve to your frame and enable maximum anchorage when the high grade self-adhesive is fixed in place. Frameguard will not move under wet, muddy or harsh riding/cleaning conditions - however, the tabs will peel away under hairdryer heat, leaving no damage to paint work.

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