Ibis HD6 XT boutique-mtb
Ibis HD6 XT boutique-mtb
Ibis HD6 XT boutique-mtb
Ibis HD6 XT boutique-mtb
Ibis HD6 XT boutique-mtb
Ibis HD6 XT boutique-mtb
Ibis HD6 XT boutique-mtb

Ibis HD6 XT

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ALL NEW HD6 Introducing the HD6, the evolution of one of the most successful enduro bikes in history. Designed with input from our Enduro World Cup team and building upon our award-winning Ripmo and HD lines, the HD6 features increased travel, a completely redesigned suspension layout, and mixed wheels.

With 180mm of travel and a 29” wheel up front, the HD6 gives the confidence to charge into the rough. The 27.5” wheel out back gives you a bit more room as the 165mm of travel deals with the consequences. The all-new suspension layout is progressive enough to be sensitive off the top, yet supportive enough for the biggest hits. It is also compatible with all coil shocks, for those longer race stages that can tax air shock performance. The suspension layout may be new, but it’s still dw-Link. The inherent efficiency means you don’t need an overdamped shock to climb well. Less shock damping allows the wheels to stay planted on the ground, providing more traction and that hover-bike feel that our frames are known for. The HD6 climbs with a finesse that defies its enduro race pedigree.



Geometry, suspension curve, and the overall design goals were defined with input from our enduro team. The 64-degree head tube angle is one-degree slacker than the current Ripmo, but a similar BB height and identical chainstay length (despite the 27.5” rear wheel) provides a balance between agility and stability. At the same seat angle, a tall rider sits 45mm further back than a short one. In order to place every size rider in the same position over the rear wheel, the HD’s seat tube angles get steeper as frame size increases. This means larger jumps in reach, so we added a fifth size. The jumps between frame sizes are now smaller, so you can find the size that’s just right.



We’re also shifting to a numbered sizing system to encourage riders to delve into our geometry charts. Our frames showcase low standovers and uninterrupted seat tubes, enabling the use of extra-long droppers. We encourage riders to choose their bike size based on their desired reach and top tube measurement.

To support this shift, we’ve transitioned to a 34.9mm seat tube. These posts boast greater strength, enhanced stiffness, and expanded room for internal hydraulics, resulting in better reliability.


Design-wise, the HD6 breaks away from our signature curves, featuring straighter, sharper lines that give it a burly, fast look. The stout frame weighs under 6 lbs without a shock and is backed by a lifetime warranty. A complete HD6 with enduro-ready components can weigh less than 14,5kg. When you’re climbing more than 5,000 ft on race day, every gram matters.



We didn’t skimp on the details. Internally routed cable tunnels make changing a derailleur or dropper cable easy. Our combination of lower-link bushings and upper-link bearings significantly reduces the need for yearly overhauls. We’ve also laser-etched torque specs on our hardware. There’s also clearance for 2.5” tires, a 26 oz bottle inside the frame (22 oz on the size 1), top tube mounts for tool storage, porkchop bag compatibility, and a super-quiet chainstay protector. With its unique combination of climbing efficiency and descending speed, the HD6 is ready for the next evolution of enduro racing.



•180mm front /165mm rear travel

•29” front / 27.5” rear wheel size

•Laser etched torque specs on the hardware

•Clearance for 2.5” tires and a 26 oz bottle

•Frame weight under 6 lbs without shock

•Internal cable routing in front and rear triangles

•Super-quiet chainstay protector

•Super low maintenance lower link bushing design

•dw-link suspension layout, compatible with all coil shocks

•Top tube accessory mounts and porkchop bag compatibility

•5 numbered sizes to reduce gaps between them 

•Low standovers and uninterrupted seat tubes for long dropper posts

•34.9mm seat tube ID for stiffness and durability with droppers over 200m


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