OneUp Components EDC Minipump
OneUp Components EDC Minipump
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OneUp Components EDC Minipump

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OneUp Components 100cc EDC Mini-Pump - a pump to store your tools

The OneUp Components 70cc & 100cc EDC mini-pump are a good alternative if you do not want to store the EDC Tool in the steerer tube. In the handle, there is a cavity for the Everyday Carry Toolset. In the 100cc, a further hollow cylinder, which offers space for cable ties, patches, or other small parts, can be connected. Alternatively, there is also space for a CO2 cartridge. The pump head at the other end of the pump can be removed, allowing the pump to be used as a CO2 inflator.


Design: mini-pump, CO2 pump
Type: high volume
Pressure (max.): 3.45 bar (50 psi)
Valve Head: Presta valve

Technical Information:

Dimensions: 32 mm x 178 mm or 32 mm x 254 mm
Air Volume: 70cm3 or 100 cm3
Material: Aluminum (6061-T6)


- high volume mini-pump w/ Fast-On valve head, removable
- can also be used as a CO2 pump
- a CO2 cartridge (20 g) can be screwed into the cap
- storage for the EDC tool (w/ storage capsule but w/o cartridge)
- textured surface
- fully sealed, weather-proof internals
- patent pending
- incl. bottle cage mount

Valve Information:

Presta Valve:
- Synonyms: Sclaverand Valve (SV), French Valve
- Outer Diameter: 6.5 mm

Manufacturer Part Number:

100cc: 1C0317
70cc: 1C0400


- 1 x OneUp Components mini-pump
- 1 x pump mount


  • black/universal: 135 g & 160 g (without EDC Tool System)

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