OneUp Components EDC Top Cap

OneUp Components EDC Top Cap

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The OneUp Components EDC Top Cap is screwed into the steerer tube using the EDC Top Cap tool (cassette tool) instead of a star nut, where it pretensions the headset. Then you can use the OneUp Components EDC Tool System. Included is an EDC plug with hole to keep dirt out of your steerer tube.

- Since the Top Cap is screwed into the steerer tube, the steerer tube must be threaded for installation using the OneUp Components EDC Tap. Therefore only aluminium steerers (not carbon or steel) are suitable for the installation of the EDC tool!
- All compatibility information and installation instructions are exclusively from OneUp Components. Using the EDC Tool System on your bike may void the original manufacturer's warranty.


Top Cap Compatibility: 1 1/8" steerer tubes (aluminium)
Steerer Plug Compatibility: 1 1/8" - 1.5" tapered steerer tube (aluminium)

Technical Information:

Material: aluminium


- required to store OneUp EDC tools in the steerer tube
- incl. EDC steerer plug
- incl. spacers

Required Fork Dimensions:

Steerer Tube Length: 183 - 230 mm
Start Nut Diameter: 24.25 mm - 24.80 mm (check with the Go, No-Go tool from the EDC tap kit)
Steerer Tube Diameter (min.): 22.1 mm
Recommended Steerer Tube Diameter (max.): 31.75 mm - 34.00 mm

Not Compatible With:

- Cannondale Lefty
- certain Fox 32
- Fox 34 29" 2012-2015
- Giant Overdrive 2
- w/ SRAM Pike Boost as of 2016 as well as SRAM Lyrik Boost as of 2016 the CO2 cartridges might not have enough space
- w/ the Öhlins RXF the EDC plug does not fit

Please follow OneUp Components' installation guide:

OneUp Components EDC Installation Instructions from OneUp Components on Vimeo.

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

black: 1C0414BLK
green: 1C0414GRN
red: 1C0414RED
blue: 1C0414BLU
gold: 1C0414GLD
orange: 1C0414ORA
purple: 1C0414PUR


- 1 x OneUp Components top cap
- 1 x OneUp Components steerer plug
- 2 x 1 mm spacer
- 2 x 3 mm spacer
- 2 x 5 mm spacer


  • black/1 1/8": 4,2 g (just Top Cap)

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