Pork Chop Bone-In Bag for Ibis Ripley v4 & Ripmo C

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Ibis has now have the sleek integrated storage solution for our Ripley V4, Ripmo 1 & 2 and the Ripmo AF.

  • Patented design with a 7 year warranty
  • Unique and easy to install bracket tab designed to suspend a bag without the need for straps
  • The outside fabric is padded and reinforced 210 ripstop nylon. They’re sealed by a polyurethane reversible zipper tape that is water-resistant.
  • Simple design lets you access your damper valve adjustments
  • Padded side panels to add to the durability
  • Internal storage and elastic webbing to keep CO2 cartridges and tools in place
  • For general care, wipe down with a damp cloth and let dry completely before replacing in frame
  • The Bone-In bags utilize a plastic free floating bracket to mount. There are two different bracket sizes. The bracket specific to your frame bag is included. Bracket A fits the majority of frame sizes. You will need Bracket B for the Ripmo V2 Large and XL.
  • Directions for insertion are on packaging
  • Not available for small Ripmo, Ripmo AF or Ripley or the XL Ripmo AF
  • While we trust in the robustness of the design, we don't recommend storing valuables in the frame bag unattended. Remove important or heavy objects when transporting the bicycle or leaving it unattended.


    The Pork Chop bags are con­struct­ed from a padded and rein­forced 210 rip­stop nylon. They’re sealed by a polyurethane reversible zip­per tape that is water resis­tant. We use a low pro­file cord­ed zip­per pull to elim­i­nate noise com­mon with typ­i­cal met­al zip­per heads. The brack­et clip is made of glass-filled nylon. 


    To pro­tect your paint from abra­sion, we rec­om­mend using clear tape to pro­tect on areas where the bag will con­tact your frame. We rec­om­mend the 3M Clear Paint Pro­tec­tion Film, which is used in many auto­mo­tive applications.

    The Bone-In bags uti­lize a plas­tic free float­ing brack­et to mount. There are two dif­fer­ent brack­et sizes. The brack­et spe­cif­ic to your frame bag is includ­ed. Brack­et A fits the major­i­ty of frame sizes. You will need Brack­et B for the Rip­mo V2 Large and XL.

    When installing the brack­et, please ensure that it is ful­ly insert­ed into the pock­et. If the brack­et is not ful­ly seat­ed, you can­not insert the bag ful­ly. For addi­tion­al details, please watch our tuto­r­i­al here:



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