RimGuard by Rockstop
RimGuard by Rockstop
RimGuard by Rockstop
RimGuard by Rockstop
RimGuard by Rockstop
RimGuard by Rockstop
RimGuard by Rockstop

RimGuard by Rockstop (MTB tire inserts)

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What Does it Do? Protects the rims from the big hits, prevents most impact punctures and pinch flats, and keeps the bead seated. The outside edges of Rockstop© absorb the shock when a sharp objects tries to ding the tyre up against the rim.

How Does it Work? The cross bridges force the edges of Rockstop© into the tyre sidewall at the critical point and keep them there.

What is it Made From? Rockstop is made from a tough Polyurethane blown elastomer. In simple terms, it’s a tough, highly shock absorbing rubberised polymer.

Why is it Designed This Way? The low profile takes up very little volume, so the air dynamics will work correctly. The holes reduce the weight and let the sealant flow all around easily

Product Info

• 250g Weight

• SEK849 RRP

• Sold in singles

• Pre-assembled


Sizes Available Size

Rim Size

27.5” 23mm - 35mm

27.5” Wide 35mm - 45mm 2

29” 23mm - 35mm


Extra Benefits

01 Easy to Fit

02 Dulls chatter through hands and feet

03 Takes up very little volume in the tyre

04 Can run a PSI as low as 20

05 No valves or cable ties needed

06 Will not rip or tear on impact

07 Doesn’t absorb sealant

08 Re-usable

Your Questions

What much does it alter the ride? You can only tell it’s there on the big hits and then it kick in and protects your rim. You can be more confident in cornering under low pressure because the edges of Rockstop© push into the side walls of your tyre, keeping it seated. It gives a firm feeling on the side walls of the tyre in the bottom third, as it approaches the rim. This stops the tyre feeling ‘squirrely’ at lower pressures when you’re cornering.

Why does the weight matter? Rockstop© is approximately 250g. To have a highly shock absorbing, tough, reusable rim protector, you need density - with which, comes a bit of weight. If we make it lighter then it will be less effective. Future testing and development could reduce this weight, but we know that this weight works. Our PU polymer is a different material to EVA/EPDM tyre inserts, which is why we’ve been able to design Rockstop© with a low profile and shock absorbing properties.

What’s the lowest PSI we can run? How long you can go with tyre pressures depends on lots of things: tyre size, compound, and rider weight all have an effect. Our test riders tell us that 20-24 PSI is OK in most conditions for a rear tyre that has a reasonably good sidewall construction. In a front tyre they’ve been going as low as 17-18 PSI.

Fitting Guide

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