Trutune Air Fork Demo Unit boutique-mtb
Trutune Air Fork Demo Unit boutique-mtb
Trutune Air Fork Demo Unit boutique-mtb
Trutune Air Fork Demo Unit boutique-mtb
Trutune Air Fork Demo Unit boutique-mtb
Trutune Air Fork Demo Unit boutique-mtb
Trutune Air Fork Demo Unit boutique-mtb
Trutune Air Fork Demo Unit boutique-mtb

Trutune Air Fork Demo Unit

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Demo units now available to book, please read on.


Demo Service

Simply purchase a demo unit. Use it, test it, and return it within 14 days for either an exchange for a new unit if you wish to keep it or a full refund of the purchase price if it is not for you.


Shipping costs both ways are at your cost and it is your responsibility to ensure that the unit is returned in time and undamaged. 

Since we are booking units by a block of 2 weeks and we would need to send a brand new unit to the next booked demo, we will not accept the return of your demo unit if we have not RECEIVED It back within 14 days after we shipped it to you.
Of course if you are local to us, you are welcome to collect and drop back the unit at our workshop and get setup help if required.


Plug and play insert for mountain bike air forks, powered by Activated Carbon. Increases effective air volume and reduces speed sensitivity for a plush, linear, consistent feel. See below for more information.  



Activated carbon plug and play insert that installs like a token, but acts to increase the effective air volume of your fork, resulting in a more linear spring curve. Our first edition inserts are assembled in our workshop, and tested and validated with our dynos and our team of test riders. 


  • Reduces air stiffness, for better small bump sensitivity, comfort and grip without compromising sag 
  • Makes the spring force more linear, closer to a coil but with the adjustability and weight advantage of air
  • Permits greater use of travel when charge pressure is unchanged - lighter riders can make full use of their suspension  
  • Initial suppleness drastically reduces chatter, lessening arm pump and fatigue
  • Makes the fork more consistent and predictable by dramatically reducing speed sensitivity
  • Pairs very well with negative chamber upgrades (e.g. Vorsprung Secus, Everflow Tank) to provide exceptionally linear and consistent feeling through the travel


Our Standard length inserts are designed for the greatest linearity, and suit most riders and general trail riding. There are, however, a few reasons to choose our Short variants, which are a little more progressive and shorter, allowing more spacers to be used in combination and providing better bottom out resistance. The first is compatibility: if our Standard length is too long for your fork and travel (based on the manufacturer token limit), then our Short insert is usually the only option. If either are compatible, then if two or more of the following apply the Short variant will be more suitable for you:

  • Heavy rider (over 90kg with gear)
  • Ebike
  • Run 3 or more tokens as your preferred setup
  • Run high pressure (100psi or more)
  • Aggressive style
  • Typically ride trails / bike parks with large jumps where extra bottom out resistance is needed 


The activated carbon contained in our inserts acts to increase the effective positive chamber air volume in your fork. This happens due to its high porosity and internal surface area, that traps and releases air molecules, mitigating changes in pressure (more information on that process can be found on our Technology page). The effect is similar to what happens when you remove tokens: the spring rate is more linear, with less ramp up. This may be hard to believe, because it is a solid material after all! You can see a demonstration of the effect on measured pressure in the video below when compared to regular volume reducing tokens. With tokens, the pressure at the end of stroke is higher, while with our insert it is lower, even compared to no tokens at all! 

The increase in effective volume is not the only effect of activated carbon. The air in a fork is speed sensitive: fast compression results in higher pressure, and so higher stiffness, compared to slow compression. The activated carbon in our inserts exchanges heat with the air, which mitigates the temperature changes in the air and dramatically reduces its speed sensitivity, resulting in a more consistent and predictable feeling. 

When using our inserts, the charge pressure is usually increased, to achieve similar pressures at the end of stroke compared to the original setup. This results in the right amount of support, but with improved tracking, bump absorption and comfort provided by the more linear spring rate. 


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